sâmbătă, 24 octombrie 2009

Muzica de simbata -Irene PAPAS

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  1. :) Mi-a fost spusa cu o buna bucata de vreme in urma povestea celui de-al doilea cantec, "Menousis", subiect care a iscat o adevarata discutie despre vechile obiceiuri grecesti..
    Povestea este cea a lui Menousis si a nevestei sale. O inserez aici, dar in varianta in care am primit-o, in limba engleza:

    Menousis, Mpirmpilis and Mehmet-aga went to the wine-seller's to eat and drink. While they were eating and drinking and rejoicing, somebody started talking about beautiful women.
    - What a beautiful wife you have, Menousi-aga! Where have you seen her? How do you know her? Tell us about her..
    - I met her yesterday by the well, while she was drawing water, and I asked her for water and she gave me, and I gave her my handkerchief and she washed it, and I asked her for a little kiss and she gave it to me.
    At night, drunk, Menousis went home and killed his wife*. Next morning, sober, he was lamenting her: "Get up, my duck; get up, my goose, get up and change your clothes, so that the youths will see you and rejoice!"

    *) Se spune ca vechii greci ar fi fost justificati in a-si ucide sotiile numai si daca frumusetea lor ar fi bucurat si alti barbati.

    Cat despre prima melodie, eu mai ascult din cand in cand varianta instrumentala, dar versurile, in caz ca sunteti curiosi, sunt de o mare simplitate:

    "River, my river,
    when you swirl and beat and wave,
    take me, my river,
    take me with your waves and your turns."

    O seara frumoasa,

  2. ..multumim frumos!si tie o saptamina rodnica.

  3. frumoasa muzica... Irene Papas cu Vangelis au doua albume superbe: Odes (1979)si Rapsodies(1986)
    Seara buna!

  4. @Mihaela Petrescu,cu placere.
    @ZaffCat, stiu ca iti plac,ma bucur. O seara placuta tuturor.